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Welcome to

where you will 

You're right there standing at the gates...

You can hear the laughter,
smell the roses,
taste the champagne,
feel the infinite love that exists inside there...
But you don't know how to get in.
You've got so many ideas... so much hope for yourself, for your loved ones.
If only you could get yourself to the place where you could
BE the woman you desire to BE...
So that you could GIVE the way you desire to give.
LOVE the way you desire to love.
FEEL the way you desire to feel.
CREATE the way you desire to create.
MANIFEST the way you desire to manifest.
And SOAK in the beauty of this lifetime…
not sometimes, but ALL of the time. 
No more standing at the gates.
No more being on the outside.
No more wondering what it's like.

This is your key to open the gates, and to live with EUPHORIA in your soul from now until forever.
Are you ready to step inside?
Euphoria is the place where possibility outweighs doubt. 
It’s the place where colours shine a little brighter. 
It’s the place where ideas translate to action with confidence. 
It’s the place where your pussy is honoured rather than threatened. 
It’s the place where love leads over fear. 
It’s the place where personal power is born of pleasure. 
It’s the place where money flows freely. 
It’s the place where your deep intuition is heard and trusted.

It’s the place where you live 

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This is a 12 week course to learn how to live your entire life turned on. 
Not parts of your life… 
Not certain days of your life…
Not particular seasons of your life…
The little moments that seem typical will start to feel cherished. 
The grey skies will start to sparkle with implied hope.
The desires that live deep in your soul will start to be fully expressed, and answered. 
After this 12 weeks, you will embody euphoria in all aspects of your divine life. 
  • Dance wildly in the flames of your fear & transmute apprehension into productive action
  • ​Awaken the deep desires that live within your womanhood
  • ​Travel to the depths of your womb space (life force energy) & awaken your pussy to activate next level desire realm
  • ​Align with your Human Design to make decisions from an empowered place
  • ​Engage with your sensuality on a whole new level & feel a heightened sense of "normal"
  • ​Activate pleasure as a portal and learn how to connect to the divine through orgasm
  • ​Learn how to marry your masculine + feminine energies to harness your true power as a woman
  • ​Call on your inner man to provide safety, comfort, & stability for your inner woman to fly freely
  • ​Ignite your voice and learn how to ask for what you truly want
  • ​Welcome vulnerability into your world to deepen your connection with those you love & those you don't yet know
  • ​Step into next level leadership on a soul level & have a lasting impact on our world
  • ​Rise into the new paradigm of female leadership

Welcome to Euphoria

  • 12 in-depth modules that will turn on your woman and keep her awake!

You’re ready to stop settling for what you know…
You’re ready to move past your comfort zone towards something brighter, more abundant, and divinely connected
And you don’t want to do it alone. 
You’re excited to feel supported, connected, and guided towards your dreams by two women who have been exactly where you are. 
We are Jak + Rob, and we’ve been on the other side of the gates. 

We’ve been cheated on and cheated…
& we’ve healed our marriages 
to find forgiveness, love without limits, 
& expanded intimacy. 

We’ve been on the other side of wealth, 
carrying tens of thousands of dollars 
worth of debt & paid it all off. 
Every pretty little cent. 
We’ve been stuck in transition 
& trusted our way out. 
We’ve been the hustling business owners who couldn’t figure out how to sell…
& we just crossed 
the million dollar cash milestone with 
nothing but pleasure in our pockets. 
We’ve been stuck, stagnant, 
guessing, wondering, wanting, needing 
anything other than what we had…

And now this is where we live...

& the unwavering knowing that we are here to teach you how to do 
the same thing.

Welcome to

where your life doesn't begin to
"make sense."

It begins to feel like everything 

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